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Here is the selection of web 2.0 tools or websites that have been shared at our Up With IT staff meetings

EyePloreris a search engine with an interesting 'pinwheel' that presents information related to your search. A great way to model 'making connections' with your students or link it to your wiki page so they can use it at home or in class for research projects!

Tim's cheap and easy "How to make a movie" (made using comic life). You can right click and save each picture onto your laptop then print them out and stick them on your wall for students to use. Can they spot the mikstakes? Find all three and gain a chocolate fish!*



*Note "chocolate fish!*" is not a real chocolate fish, just the concept of a gift given for a job well done.

Inserting a YouTude video on your wiki.

Open up YouTube, find a clip then follow the instructions below in the picture belowinsert_youtube.JPG

Then open up your wiki site, click edit then follow the instructions on the picture below

...and here it is!

The Arts - online resources Dancers Journal The Globe Tour Dance style videos and moves (waltz) Visual Art teaching activities Beatles video and lyrics


Maths dictionary an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms in simple language.


Visuword, a visual dictionary. thesaurus etc.


CalmCounter You need a microphone plugged in to your laptop to make this work. Our new laptops have one built in so it should just work. It is a webpage which works as a noise meter. you can use it to control the noise level in class. E.G. keep it in the yellow for 10 minutes. Or use it when singing, keep it in the red for the choruses. On high it will also work as a motion sensor. If your not using your data projector for anything else do use this.

A free programme that gives you templates to use for graphic and visual organisation. You are able to save pages in your account so you can use them at a later date. This has lots of templates such as cause and effect charts, plot development, concert maps that could be integrated across the subjects. For extension you can also embed your work as a wiki page or share and collaborate with others users!

one of the templates you can use