Student Voice

Using Photostory "If I had not done it with photostory I probably would have taken ages. I would use ICT because it is quicker than a poster and it has narration and stereo." -Jesse
Using Microsoft Publisher "I think this has improved my learning by teaching me to create variations before completeing the final results.It is better because I would have to do it by hand and I am not a very good artist.It is fun and a breeze, I enjoy it very much."-George
Using Microsoft Powerpoint"It varies my computer knowledge, it is easy to link pages to pictures. For the task I was doing Powerpoint was quick and easy so I would use it again."- Sammy

Using Comiclife
"It makes your work look much better.You can make lots of ways to make your work look different and extravagant"-Alesha Using Windows Moviemaker
"It helped me to compile ideas and present them in an interesting manner. It is way better than writing an essay as it motivates me to be creative. i would definitively use this application rather than a more conventional method."
-Maree Using Audacity"By recording my voive and putting it on a website I now have a new way of getting across infromation to a number of viewers. I can change my voice or put it onto a website or radio station. I am quite happy using this for recording."- Beth Using Google Sketch"To view and create 3D models. It is cooler than drawing pictures and animating it on a computer is fun."-Ryan Using Word"It has improved my spelling because of spell check. It is neater, easier and much faster than my own handwriting."-Zac Using Toon Doo"It has improved my learning by being a fast way to put more thought into work than trying to make it look good. it is faster and easier than writing everything down. I would use it again if it presents the task at hand best."-Tim Using Wikis"I learnt how to upload things on to the internet. I learnt things and my presentation looked better"-Nikyta Using PhotofiltreWhen I use a photo-editing tool like when I made the earthquake poster it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my experience, what was happening in our neighbourhood and how could I share this with other kids that didn't know what was going on, what it was like for us.
When you as a student get a chance to present your experiences or feelings in a real way you just want to try and get a message out there by experimenting with tools, colour and a message.