I have long struggled with knowing what is happening with my children for all things music and when and where they need to be for what performance.
Despite notes home and letters I have never seemed to be able to quite get the full load of details I need to make sure my kids are in the right place at the right time. (My daughter is not the best at handing over what parents need to know!)
Since the music department have started with a wiki and on line messages I am now sorted.
I have been so pleased with the way this system works.
I have been able to log on and find out in advance what music events are scheduled.
I get up dates via my home email and even better I can check each group and see what is happening.
I have liked the photo access too as sometimes I don't get to see my daughter perform.
The whole set up is so much easier for me and is so simple that even though I struggle with all the new IT stuff I can follow the site and find out what I need to know.
It is certainly an excellent parent friendly resource.

I am a full-time working parent and at times travel extensively with my job. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my experience with the Chisnallwood Music Wikispaces, which has played a crucial part to the planning and management of my son’s music activities.

It has been the "Go to Point" for all the information I need surrounding my sons involvement in his music activities. While away from home I was able to view photos of all his performances, even though I could not be there, I got huge enjoyment and satisfaction by being able to view these photos.

The varied and multiple links that are provided on the site have proofed to be not only informative but invaluable. As a parent it has allowed me to participate more fully in my son’s musical journey.

Kim Fairbrother (parent)