Term 3 week 10 Friday Lunchtime and Block 5.
Make and race a Go-Kart in a group of five from your class.
Have fun
This can be made of anything but remember it has to be pushed/pulled by only one person. It can be made already (maybe one that’s in the shed), it can be a Go-Kart with a motor (note: these are heavy and obviously the motor cannot be used), or could be your mission to make one over the next six weeks. Be creative on your design as your kart and uniforms must be to do with a profession. E.g. you could be doctors, lawyers, priests, pilots etc. All karts must have an excellent cycle helmet to go with it.
It will consist of four huge laps with one person pushing each lap. The track will go around the school using surfaces such as concrete and grass. There will be some sharpish corners that will have to be negotiated. There could also be: a jump, a speed hump, uneven surfaces, a puddle, a sandpit, etc. Build your kart accordingly.
There must be one driver per kart and the driver stays the same the whole race.
The four remaining members of the team must push the kart around a lap each. (no more than one lap each)
Pushes change in the pits only
A helmet must be worn the whole race by the driver
Team members must be from the same class
There must be exactly five students in a team
If a kart overturns the team is immediately disqualified
If there is more or less than one driver and one pusher at any one time the team is disqualified
No hitting other karts, it is a race not a demo derby. Disqualification if done purposely
Pushers must wear sensible sport/running shoes
Karts must stay to track
You must have a theme to your kart/uniform to enter the race.

To not be involved in this race will lead to regret (wishing you had participated). Start to get organised now!!!