Chisnallwood Intermediate Cross Country
Porritt Park 2009

Date: Wednesday 27th May

Start Times: Year 7 (leave school 9:00am)
Year 8 (leave school 11:00am)

Distance: Approximately 2.5km

2008 Champions: Year 7 Boys: Jake Marryatt (11:15mins)
Year 7 Girls: Eden Ronald (11:31mins)
Year 8 Boys: Campbell Crimp (11:19mins)
Year 8 Girls: Emily Shaw (11:30mins)

· House groups are to assemble on the backfield and walk together. Class teachers are to walk their class to Porritt Park. Exit back gate, follow Emlyn Place, turn right onto Avonside Drive, cross the road and enter Porritt Park via the foot bridge.
· Assemble on the grass area next to the Rowing Club.
· Girls start 5 minutes after the Boys.
· All students must wear full P.E uniform. Points may be deducted for incorrect uniform.
· Students will return to school in their house group when instructed by the Race Starter.
· Non-participants must bring a signed note from their parent/caregiver explaining why they are unable to be involved.
· Students must stay well clear of the river.
· Students are to bring their own drink bottle and are responsible for their own warm up and warm down.
· The Cross Country team will be selected from this race. Ten from each Year/Gender.
· Delwyn will be looking to award extra house points for arrival, departure and general behaviour.