Chisnallwood Intermediate School is taking part in an Action Research Project where students are using ICT tools in their learning. The project is teaching teachers and students the benifits to learning with the use of ICT in a variety of ways and curriculum areas. The following pages are going to have examples of our learning and reflections from both teachers and students, Parents, Maori & Pasifika students. We recognise the cultural diversity of our community and specifically targeted Maori & Pasifika as a group to see the influence of ICT on their learning. We hope this will give visitors some insight into the continued development of ICT at Chisnallwood. Here is also a link to the evidence of strategic planning for the schools future.

Our goal is to increase capability of teachers and principals to improve students’ learning and achievement through e-learning. We have the following objectives:
Create a supportive learning environment
Teachers provide opportunities for students to:
  • Be included in all lessons at their level as appropriate to their individual needs
  • Celebrate their learning by displaying a range of their work
  • Interact positively with other students
  • Interact positively with the teacher

Facilitate shared learning
Poetry using Powerpoint for publishing and Ispring for Web 2.0
Teachers provide opportunities for students to:
  • Take part in discussions to reach understanding
  • Share and explain their opinions/ideas
  • Question and challenge others appropriately
  • Work cooperatively to achieve group goals

Encourage reflective thought and action
Social Studies using Comic life and Photostory to present ideas.
Teachers provide opportunities for students to:
  • Discuss how well they have worked
  • Identify what they should do differently in the future to get better
  • Reflect on their goals to guide their action
  • Use thinking tools to help them learn
Enhance the relevance of new learning
Creating written instructions using Comic Life
Teachers provide opportunities for students to:
  • Know what they are learning and why
  • Help decide what they are learning about
  • Identify their next learning step using the success criteria
  • Help decide the learning intentions and success criteria
Using Audacity to self assess a speech:

Make connections to prior learning and experience

Teachers provide opportunities for students to:
  • Share what they have learnt with others
  • Learn through authentic, real life tasks and experiences
  • Build on what they already know
  • Relate learning to their everyday lives
Picasa used to share work on the class wiki.